SJL Speech & Language Therapy

Speech Therapy for adults Facial Therapy for all ages

Speech Therapy for adults Facial Therapy for all ages

Speech Therapy for adults Facial Therapy for all agesSpeech Therapy for adults Facial Therapy for all ages

Oxfordshire and surrounding areas



I assess, diagnose and provide specialist treatment for adults with speech, language and communication difficulties. My aim is to work with my clients to reduce the impact of their communication difficulties, increasing confidence and improving quality of life.

I am LSVT certified.

LSVT LOUD® is an effective treatment for individuals with Parkinson's  and other neurological conditions. It is an intensive therapy to increase the volume and quality of the voice and improve articulation.

Swallowing / Dysphagia


I provide highly specialist and experienced management of swallowing difficulties for adults. I work with clients and their family or carers to support them in understanding and managing changes to their swallowing, eating and drinking.

Facial Therapy


I provide specialist assessment, advice and facial therapy to adults and children with facial palsy. I worked as the Facial Therapist for the Region, as part of the team that set up the NHS Oxford Facial Palsy Service.

I am passionate about supporting people through the effects of facial weakness.



I am a registered speech therapist providing specialist, tailored communication and swallowing (dysphagia) training. This is available for individuals, small and large groups in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.
For example, basic dysphagia knowledge and skills including a practical session for Nursing Homes; communication difficulties and general communication advice for Parkinson's.
Please discuss your requirements with me.

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